Juno Temple wants to star in sci-fi films

LOS ANGELES, Jan 9:  Actor Juno Temple has said that she wants to act in sci-fi movies.
The 28-year-old star recently filmed an episode of TV series “Electric Dreams”, where each installment is a distinct Philip K Dick short story.
“It’s sci-fi which I’ve never done before which was a real challenge and exciting,” Temple told BANG Showbiz.
“I have definitely never said a lot of the words I had to so it was difficult trying to figure out how to make that sound normal in my mouth and it was a challenge, but then this is an amazing job and you do your research and learn a lot about things,” she added.
Temple said after doing sci-fi on television, she would like to pursue the “challenge” even in the movies.
“Sure, definitely. It was an amazing challenge.
“I hope the episode turned out well but it was a really cool challenge and you start thinking about AI (artificial intelligence) and what they are and how human are they and I really loved it,” she said. (PTI)


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