Journalism being strangled under BJP rule: Rahul Gandhi

NEW DELHI : Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday attacked the BJP over the killing of journalist Parag Bhuiyan in Assam and alleged that journalism that exposes corruption in the BJP-ruled states is being silenced.
Taking to Twitter on Friday morning Mr Gandhi said ” Journalist who exposed BJP corruption by BJP leaders was found murdered in suspicious circumstances”.
My condolences to his family. Be it MP or UP , in the states ruled by BJP true journalism is being strangled while those who put up spectacles are being protected.”
A couple of days ago also the Congress leader raising the issue of the journalist’s murder had said, ”UP journalist Vinay Tiwari was badly thrashed by BJP goons.
Talking of rights, thought was to ask whether rights were only for a selective few journalists ,or also for the victims like Vinay Tiwari.”