Jolt to international relations

International Relations has received a big jolt by invasion of Ukraine by mighty Russia. The entire world including the UN is witnessing the plunder of the helpless country for the fault of not bending to the command of powerful country.
The powerful country is perpetuating the heinous crime of killing innocent people and destroying systematically the economic and social resources of the great country for not accepting the hegemony of the powerful country.
World including the Comity of Nations is watching this sordid drama. Such an indifference at his international event raises a few fundamental issues on public administrations and international relations.
* Has the Concept of Balance of Power become in fructuous for world peace?
* What is the significance of international organizations like NATO, Warsaw Pact and above all the United Nations?
* What is the mechanism of punishing those leaders who have created perennial problems to world community such as disturbing the whole of Middle East and the irrational decision of calling back the forces from Afghanistan without making alternative arrangements and now launching attack on a foreign country by a great power?
Before addressing the fundamental issues stated above, the organizations like NATO, European Union and the United Nations should meet immediately to chalk out the strategy and the action plan to force Russia to stop immediately the attack on Ukraine so as to stop systematic destruction of human and material resources of the great country which has been facing the onslaught of Big power single handedly for over one week.
Thereafter, a High Power International Commission should be constituted by UNO to identify the persons responsible for committing crimes against humanity and punish them under International Law.
Prof N S Gupta (Retd)
Dr Alka Aggarwal (Retd)
Jammu University