Jockeying to Success

Bodies gyrating in a trance induced by strobe lights, lasers and the music belted out by the person behind the console; if you consider such person as the ultimate party animal and want to follow in his footsteps, then pick up your gear and make people groove to your music.
A disc jockey, commonly known as a DJ, is a person who entertains the crowd of a discotheque, party, or an event by playing lively and energetic music. Apart from night clubs and discotheques, DJs are hired for keeping the guests engaged on various occasions, such as weddings, engagements, birthday parties, and any other social gatherings. A professional disc jockey is expected to have extensive knowledge of different genres of music, including electro, jazz, rock, and house, and should know the techniques of combining and merging different soundtracks, by making use of the requisite software or other instruments. A disc jockey needs to understand the popular demand and should know how to make the crowd sway and dance to the music. Moreover, he should possess excellent communication skills, be punctual, and be comfortable at working for extended hours at a stretch. For, they are the skills and talent that will bring prospective opportunities and reputation in the future. It is one of the few jobs where one can enjoy while performing his task and earn a handsome greens, both at the same time.Disc Jockeying is a passion and the DJ needs to be in love with the music 24X7 as one needs to constantly source for good music. An ear for music coupled with the basic knowledge of equipment is the primary requirement to get into the profession. An enthusiast can learn the ropes of the profession at various DJ schools.
One can start from the basic course which usually deals with imparting knowledge on how to understand the tempo of two songs and then mixing the two tracks together, gauging the mood on the floor and correspondingly energizing the floor or cooling it off.
Learning how to communicate with the audience is very important, as without that there would be no connect between the audience, the music and the DJ.
Once you get acquainted with the basic tricks of the profession, you can move to an advanced level in which you can learn about the production. In an advanced course which can stretch to 3-4 months you can learn software and the mixers essential for making your own music and not just playingthem. The knowledge of production puts aspirants in a totally different arena as now they can experiment and can work on their own style of music. And if a DJ wants to pursue music production then Mumbai and Chennai because of their film industries are the hotspots for opportunities.
But the courses only equip with the know-how and much part of the profession is about practicing and finding your style. The courses are important to understand the technicality of the trade and the equipments but one can’t forgo the practice, as in this art unless you don’t practice on the console regularly you will falter in putting the music in your head onto the console. It’s easy to get the grasp of the craft if you have the flair for it. On an average it takes about six months for a person to get comfortable with the art. DJs constantly point out that the newcomers should be versatile and be comfortable with any kind of music, but still should find a particular genre of music which suits their personality and style.
For more creativity and diversity one should dabble into as many styles as possible, but at the same time it is essential to create a niche for you. To find work the aspirants should record their work on a demo CD or a tape and approach either event management companies or clubs. If your work is good then there is a huge probability that you will get the opportunity to showcase your talent.
Career Cursor:
The demand for disc jockeys is on the rise, considering the increasing passion for holding and organizing luxurious and flaunting parties, events, and other social gatherings. With this, open up a plethora of job opportunities for a DJ, who can earn hefty greens in few hours. Also, one can look for various contracts and perform at banquets halls, discotheques, farm houses, and any other place where such parties are organized.
Two sides of the Coin:
The profession definitely has its advantages and disadvantages. The plus is that you get to travel the world, pursue what you like and can make good money once you make a name for yourself in the industry. There is also glamour attached to the profession.
But there is a flip side too – the timings are irregular and there are chances of DJs getting into substance abuse. There are DJs who can’t perform without downing a bottle of alcohol every day. The DJs should not get swayed and should know how to draw a line between profession and personal spheres.
It has become very easy to get into the profession and the influx of many DJs has resulted in less remuneration as DJs are willing to perform for less to get noticed. But this has led to unfavorable pay structure in the industry. There are many amateurs and novices who don’t know how to market themselves and get misused and exploited. It is a rat race to make easy, quick money. But that can’t work for a long time. One needs to know that it is important to realize that it is an art and one should know how to go about it. It all depends on how different you can be.
Institute Watch:
The rapid growth in the entertainment and broadcasting industries has led to the establishment of some institutes that conduct specialized courses in disc jockeying. Some leading ones include:
” Spin Gurus Academy, Delhi
” Sound of Music, Delhi
” Scratchz Academy, Bangalore
” Splinters DJ School, Mumbai
” Azaredo Acoustics, Mumbai
” Sudeep audio
” Panache the DJ School, Hyderabad
” DJ Training Academy, Ahmedabad.
A disc jockey charges on per night basis in private parties, depending upon the size, venue, and nature of the party. You can earn anywhere between Rs. 5000 and Rs. 8000 per night. However, the earnings can vary on the basis of the popularity and reputation of a particular DJ.
So, all those who are set on the road to creativity and the road less travelled by, disc jockey is the best option.


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