JLR reports 68 pc growth in Q1 retail sales at 1.24 lakh

WHITLEY [UK]: Jaguar Land Rover said on Tuesday its retail sales for the three-month period to June 30 totalled 124,537 vehicles, 68 per cent higher than 74,067 vehicles sold in Q1 last year.
However, wholesales were lower than demand would have permitted due to semiconductor supply issues affecting the global auto industry.
Retails were higher year-on-year in every key region including in the UK (plus 186.9 per cent), Europe (plus 124 per cent), overseas (plus 71 per cent), North America (plus 50.5 per cent) and China (plus 14 per cent).
Retail sales of all models other than Jaguar XE were higher and sales of the new Land Rover Defender continued to climb with 17,194 vehicles retailed in the first quarter.
Wholesales were 84,442 units in the quarter (excluding the China JV), up 72.6 per cent year-on-year.
However, this was about 30,000 units lower (about 27 per cent) than otherwise would have been planned as a result of semiconductor supply constraints and the impacts of Covid-19. The company said this reduction had been broadly anticipated. (Agency)