JKAS officers support colleague, condemn incident at SDM office

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Aug 2: Members of the JKAS- 2011 batch have condemned the recent incident at the office of Sunaina Saini, SDM/Sub Registrar, Ghagwal and strongly denounced the unlawful actions during a protest on Monday, amounting to harassment of a public servant on duty.
‘As civil servants, we firmly believe in the rule of law and respect for authority, and we strongly advocate for the appropriate channels to address any grievances. Resorting to manhandling Government staff and mob-like unruly behavior set a dangerous precedent and should not be tolerated in a civilized society,” they said in a statement, issued here today.
Acknowledge that every individual has the right to express his/her concerns, the JKAS members said they firmly believe that this must be done through lawful and respectful means. Resorting to such aggressive actions and creating an intimidating atmosphere not only violates the sanctity of a public office but also undermines the very essence of our legal system, they added.
“Sunaina Saini is a public servant entrusted with the responsibility of upholding justice and maintaining law and order in the region. She, like any other public servant, deserves to work in an environment free from intimidation and fear,” said the JKAS officers.
“As members of the JKAS 2011 batch, we stand by Sunaina Saini and her dedication to public service. We respectfully call upon well meaning legal practitioners and professionals to uphold the principles of respect, integrity, and professionalism while dealing with matters of concern. Respectful dialogue and adherence to the rule of law are the pillars of a functioning democracy, and we must preserve these values at all costs,” said the statement.
The JKAS officers also appealed to the Lt Governor to take note of this matter as incidents of a similar nature occur in other public offices as well, requiring urgent attention.