JK towards prosperity

It is well known to all that the history of Jammu Kashmir state is quite different from that of the other Indian States and has remained in turmoil from time to time. Before partition of the country in 1947, the state of Jammu and Kashmir was ruled by the Hindu Emperor Maharaja Hari Singh despite the fact that the Muslim community had majority. But the people were very happy and satisfied and they left a peaceful life. There were no slogans for Azadi and no stone pelting any where in the state. The visitors were treated as guests and were respected by the concerned inhabitants. That is why, Kashmir was called as a Paradise on Earth which was quite justified to be called so.
But after independence of the country, the environment changed significantly. The people started the politics of seperatism and communalism. None of the political leaders ever did bother to set the things right and let the environment get polluted. And with the passage of time, the Kashmiris pandits who were the founders and builders of Kashmir were pushed out of the valley as if they were some foreign settlers. Besides all of the non Kashmiri students enrolled in different institutions in the valley were also pushed out of the valley as if the government institutions were the personal property of Kashmiri seperatists. It was done during the spurt and growth period of terrorism in late eighties. The author himself is a victim of this tregedy. At that time,it looked as if Kashmir valley was burning and there was none to put off the fire. It continued till date. Nobody felt safe in the valley. Not even a single day passed without witnessing the death of an innocent person.
But the laws of nature are very surprising and also just. They don’t allow any thing to cross a particular limit. Ultimately, the laws nature became operative through the mind,heart and hands of the present Prime Minister of India, who has uprooted the basic problem by scraping the most controversial provisions of article 370 and 35A as well as by changing the entire structure of state into two union territories. It irked not only the seperatists Kashmiris but also the leadership of Pakistan. This phase marks the”Today” in history of Jammu Kashmir state which is a boiling phase is temporary and transitory period to be over after the stormy waves will cool down with the passage of time.
It will be followed by the next phase which is being posed as “Tomorrow’ of our state and it is expected that the tomorrow will be very happy, blissful and free from stone pelting,bullets and any other kind of violence.
O P Sharma
Bagnoti Nowshera