J&K students visit ISRO

Excelsior Correspondent

BANGALORE, Nov 27: The contingent comprising of 780 students from various universities and affiliated colleges of Jammu and Kashmir today visited the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) headquarters here and got vivid information on the Chandrayaan Land Rover, which embarked on successful journey to moon and India’s Satellite Missions.
The students had a remarkable opportunity to meet the brilliant minds behind India’s lunar exploration at ISRO headquarters. They interacted with key members of the ISRO team responsible for India’s journey to the moon. The interactive session provided a unique insight into the scientific and technological advancements, driving India’s space exploration efforts.
T Subramanya Ganesh, Deputy Director at the ISRO, delivered a motivational talk to students, throwing light on the ISRO and ISTRAC activities. The talk, accompanied by a detailed PowerPoint presentation, focused on the intricate workings of satellites.
T Subramanya Ganesh shared valuable insights into ISRO’s achievements and the pivotal role played by the ISRO in advancing space technology. He delved into the operational details of satellites, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of their functions and contributions to various fields.
The engaging presentation provided students with a comprehensive understanding of ISRO’s remarkable achievements in space exploration. The scientists highlighted the significance of various satellite missions, unravelling the complexities and advancements in space technology.
During the interactive session, the students posed questions, further enhancing their grasp of the intricacies involved in satellite missions and lunar exploration. The event not only inspired the students but also provided them with a firsthand experience of the cutting-edge developments at ISRO
Vice Chancellor Prof Umesh Rai hoped that the visit of students at ISRO marks a pivotal moment in their educational journey, contributing to their broader understanding of India’s achievements in space science.
The visit to ISRO was coordinated by Dr Daud Iqbal Baba, Nodal Officer I; Dr Shallu Sharma, Nodal Officer-II and Dr Guneet Sudan, Nodal Officer-III.
The contingent comprises of students along with their mentors and the administrative staff from the University of Jammu, University of Kashmir, Cluster University of Jammu, Cluster University of Kashmir, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University Katra, Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University Rajouri, Islamic University of Science and Technology, Kashmir, affiliated colleges of JU and KU, Delhi University and Cluster Innovation Centre (CIC), New Delhi.