J&K Police Organise ‘Unity Run’ To Pay Tributes To Martyrs In Kishtwar

JAMMU, Oct 25 : The Jammu and Kashmir police on Wednesday organised a ‘unity run’ in Kishtwar district to honour martyrs and promote unity and patriotism among the community members.
”This event not only celebrated the martyrs’ dedication and sacrifice but also fostered unity and patriotism within the community. Similar events were also held at the police station levels,” a police spokesperson said.
The event led by Kishtwar SSP Khalil Poswal, witnessed enthusiastic participation from people across the district and beyond, bringing people from diverse backgrounds together in the spirit of patriotism, the spokesperson added.
Poswal extended gratitude to all participants and volunteers, saying their unwavering support and dedication were instrumental in making this event memorable and impactful.
The run began from the iconic Kuleed Chowk in Kishtwar and participants embarked on a scenic route that showcased the natural beauty of the area, the spokesperson said.
”This event served as a testament to the unwavering commitment of Kishtwar Police to instill a sense of unity and patriotism in the community,” the spokesperson added.
It provided a platform for people to come together and reflect on the sacrifices made by our valiant soldiers, he added. (Agencies)