J&K Bank: Rising to the occasion yet again

Vinod Kumar

For any society to make progress and prevail over any crisis, it needs institutions with strong vision and responsibility towards its people. Whenever progressive societies are in distress, it is these institutions that rise to the occasion to bail them out of woods and provide people the relief and respite they so dearly need.
In our part of world where crisis, calamity and catastrophe show up every so often, having well organised and socially responsible institutions ready to make a move in the difficult times for its people becomes doubly important. Jammu and Kashmir’s history is littered with many a calamity: natural and man-made alike. Over the years, there is one constant that has remained at the heart of helping its people whenever beleaguered by the catastrophies Jammu and Kashmir Bank.
Not only has this premier financial institute of UTs of J&K and Ladakh marched along with the economic prosperity of the region, it has commanded a niche in providing helping hand to its people in calamitous times and otherwise. Be it earthquake, floods, snowstorms, pandemic and other crisis, J&K Bank has never shied away from making timely efforts and contributions to be by the side of their people.
J&K Bank has had a massive role in fashioning financial empowerment in the region but it is emotional ecosystem that it has created with the people that stands out amongst its contemporaries in the country. The emotional equity forms the fulcrum of how it functions.
The stories of J&K Bank making socially driven contributors are countless. And, it rose to the occasion once when the region is engulfed in an unprecedented Pandemic.
With Covid 19 Pandemic’s second wave deadlier and destructive than the one in 2020, the health infrastructure in the region has been overwhelmed with many a people literally gasping for breath. The need and demand for oxygen concentrators is ever rising. Aware of scarcity of oxygen concentrators and its social responsibilities, J&K Bank didn’t wait long to donate as many as 250 oxygen concentrators to UT government of J&K. It didn’t want Ladakh people be left behind, donating 15 oxygen concentrators to the UT.
Bank’s Chairman and Managing Director R K Chhibber has repeatedly stated that J&K Bank was very conscious of the current situation and would not hesitate to go an extra mile to help the people in the distress. The statements didn’t turn hollow as Bank has established relief stalls across all major hospitals of the J&K to provide Covid patients and their attendants and needy food packets, water bottles, masks, sanitizers and other items. It merits a mention here that J&K Bank employees made decent contribution last year in the wake of Covid Pandemic with Rs. 5 Crore donated to Lieutenant Governor’s Relief Fund.
J&K Bank didn’t lose focus on its primary job: providing banking and allied services to the people amidst a rampaging Pandemic. Despite Bank losing many of its employees to Covid 19 disease and dozens turning positive, this glorious institute kept on providing the services to its people. It upgraded its digital platforms so that its customers could make transactions from comfort of their homes and didn’t compromise on prescribed social distancing norms in its business units.
Like a responsible institution driven by magnanimous and professional management, Bank has yet again proved to be ray of hope for its people. One would hope it continues to prosper without abandoning its social responsibilities.
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