Janipur-Lakkad Mandi Road in pitiable condition

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Sept 12:  With the total neglect  by the  concerned authorities including  JMC, J&K Housing Board  and  R&B, the condition of  Janipur-Lakkad Mandi Road has gone from bad to worse.
Not only the main road, but the condition of  many lanes and drains is also pitiable. The people allege that  the concerned MLA Sat Sharma (CA), after winning elections has hardly shown his interest in the area, while his  ‘so called’  ward representatives  are only busy in managing other affairs related to their vested interests. The issues of  general public seems to be none of their job.
While the ERA started pipes laying work  in the area and abandoned  mulba/ stones etc at many places along the road much before rainy season, another private company started cable laying work  and also abandoned the job, leaving dug up area without proper dressing.  They did not bother to remove Mulba from the road side at many places and level the dug up area, adding most inconvenience for the public and road users. The road surface has totally damaged and it could not be repaired by the R&B till today.
It is unfortunate that concerned senior officers of these agencies never bothered  to monitor the work. Even sewerage manholes on road have converted entire road prone to jumps and accidents. The cemented lids fixed on roads are either 3-5 inch down or up of the road surface. This has become nuisance on the road for the vehicular traffic. No Govt  agency  including R&B is serious about this matter. It can be noticed on main New Plot -Janipur and Sarwal, Rehari, Subhash Nagar,  Patoli roads. There is immediate need to penalize  concerned agencies for creating jumps on the smooth city roads as they are open invitation for road accidents.  Many vehicles avoid these jumps and take abrupt right –left  turns, causing collision of vehicles/ bikes.  The District and Divisional Administration  and even the MLA  concerned, seems to be insensitive to  the matter.