Jammu lad shines on international stage

P. Gauri Shanker
Aamir Khan, a young man strides on to the stage in Melbourne. He stood there facing the audience with a nervous and a very cute dimpled smile. Visually he did make a great of first impression, but he was going through anxiety and some edginess performing first time on an international stage after drawing shrieks of praises from all over Punjabi music industry for his spectacular singing charm and his connection with the audience. His debut solo, Akhion Da Surma was an instant hit that turned this young singer from Jammu an overnight YouTube sensation. Aamir recalls of holding the mic close to his face, takings a deep breath, and singing. Thrilled by the energy witnessed, Khan gushed with joy as he tried to absorb all the accolades coming his way.
Aamir Khan, the Jammu native is wooing international crowds and making all of us proud. His songs including Yaad Kardi, Tere Karke, Middle class have all been instant rages with the music aficionados. His latest song, ‘Chan Mahiya’ has crossed 6 million views online. The talented and very energetic singer is once again winning people’s hearts with his global tours. Presently he is in Australia and would be touring to Canada after finishing here. He had successfully made Australian audience’s jaws drop to the floor as they tried to make sense of that deep toned voice emanating from that cool looking frame. By the time he finishes singing, everyone in the crowd is singing along and applauding deliriously. Another chapter in the musical journey to stage stardom has just begun in spectacular fashion for this Jammu’s lad.
Aamir Khan comes from a business family also have tried his hands on modelling, and suddenly he becomes the Punjabi singing sensation. He began singing professionally only after encouragement from friends and family who discovered his talent through singing competitively in competitions and winning the same in school and college. Unlike some other young singers, Aamir Khan prefers the traditional sound of Punjabi music, but ties in newer aspects to his music which is seen in the choice of the lyrics and heard in his melodious voice. He is seen as the singing phenomenon who has visited the Punjabi music heartland. His goals with music are to help people feel better and create good music.
When he decided to take up singing professionally, he was meeting various lyricists and came across Jaggi Tohra the lyricist of Surma. He recalls, “Jaggi Ji were just humming the lyrics of the song, Akhion Da Surma on harmonium. The moment was magical, the way the song touched my soul and I knew it, this will be my first song. I am very glad and thankful to people for the response I got for my first song.” Aamir is deeply inspired by the living legend; Gurdas Maan Sahab.
“I am deeply inspired by him. His personality, singing style and aura is beyond the reach of many. He has contributed a lot to Punjabi music and he is so grounded and humble. I just love him so much and always see him as a mentor and follow him in my career,” he says with so much of respect for his idol.
On commenting about his first international stage performance, he says, “I feel music knows no boundaries or language. Good music express purity and bliss which sadly we don’t see it often and the same I aim to express which is simply good music to ears and soul. I am open to all audiences and all language songs.”
He also expresses his gratitude towards his hometown and his family who always stood by him and encouraged him to follow what his heart desired. Aamir feels indebted to his family and his fans for constantly supporting and appreciating his work.
He misses Jammu immensely and jumps upon the chance of visiting his hometown whenever he can. Speaking about his hometown, Aamir shares, “Jammu is my home town and I have a lot of memories here as well. Long drives to nearest places, grabbing the kalari kulcha, evening gedis to meet all friends and exploring every new hang out place, I grew up here and each memory holds a special place in my heart and definitely very nostalgic.”
We wish Aamir all the success and hope that he creates music that is lasting on the minds of the music lovers as and he continues to make the city and state proud while his music reaches out to many souls and inspires to create, grow, and sustain good music calling.