Jammu and Kashmir people are against Pak-sponsored terrorism: Army

Jammu, July 3: Hours after two most wanted terrorists were overpowered and captured by the residents of village Tuckson of Jammu’s Reasi district, Army on Sunday lauded their courage and said that people are now against the Pakistan-sponsored terrorism and such brave acts are the result of it.
“The Jammu region has witnessed prolonged periods of peace and stability and it has resulted in a number of development initiatives bringing prosperity to the region,” a senior Army official said.
He pointed out that Pakistan is thoroughly disgusted with these developments as Jammu and Kashmir is developing rapidly, whereas the Pak-occupied Kashmir continues to lag behind in all the socio-economic indices.
He said, “With a view to destabilise the region, attempts are being made to revive terrorism, but people of the region are totally against these attempts. They are determined not to let the region relapse into the dark era of the past few decades where innocents were killed in the name of religion.
“People have now taken it upon themselves to nab these terrorists,” said the Officer, adding that Tuckson village is one such village of bravehearts who have displayed unparalleled courage in capturing two terrorists who were armed to the teeth.
“This shows their determination in marching towards peace and progress,” he maintained.
He further said that the security forces are also assisting the villagers in organising themselves into Village Defence Committees and giving them training to operate and fire rifles.
“The villages have become ‘aatmanirbhar’ in the true sense to defend against terrorists,” he added. (Agencies)