Jammu and Kashmir in new perspective

O P Sharma
The title of the 287-page  book under review  is “ Is God Dead ?????/ The Truth About Jammu and Kashmir “. At the outset, I would venture to say “ God is still alive” and it is my   firm belief that countless readers have hope for the future of humanity. All those who believe in   Nature also do have hope in the past and future of humanity.
The author Raghubir Lal Anand has selected a sensitive part of the India  which has rich historical record and  unique cultural heritage. Jammu and Kashmir is situated in northern region of the Himalayas where glorious traditions of Hinduism, Shaivism , Budhism , Sufism and Islam flourished in full measure. This sensitive State in the  recent past years got gripped in the constant turmoil and hit the headlines across the world. Much has been written on this scenic spot but the new book is a markedly different and based on objective details based on documents and authentic material.
Authentic Account
The author claims “ to uncover the truth about the Jammu and Kashmir” and made factual assessment of the situation   in  300 odd pages. The geographical area  of J&K State comprises: Kashmir valley, Jammu region and Ladakh area administered by  India and also parts like  Pakistan occupied J&K State including Gilgit-Baltistan alongwith the territory  under occupation of China.
One has to impartially go through the current history to fully understand the nature of the trouble and turbulence in  Jammu and Kashmir which became a theatre of machinations and international intrigues exposing it  to  risks and miseries to the people.
Roots of Trouble
Pakistan is fomenting  terrorism and constantly indulging in cross-border terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir and following policy of state terrorism by aiding, abetting through the hub of terrorism training  infra-structure in Pakistan as also POK areas. Pakistan has emerged as an epicenter of terrorism , exporting fear  to not only to  India but all across the globe. There is world-wide condemnation of terrorism. Pak attempts to snatch  Jammu and Kashmir militarily.
What is essentially needed is the durable peace and progress in the entire Jammu and Kashmir region and global opinion is also now firmly for restoring  and re-gaining the “ Paradise on Earth” for overall betterment of all the concerned.
Eternal Hope
The book entitled “ God is Dead ?????              “ is well produced work and gives some factual historical details in proper perspective in Jammu and Kashmir. Numerous books and debates and discussions  in  media have put light on J&K State but this book  has  been able to put searchlight on the facts and a new perspective.
The immediate and urgent need is to  usher in a new phase of permanent peace and accelerated pace of development in  the State. Will this new book with fine printing, quality paper, glossy   title and few pictures which will certainly cater to the deep interest of the wide readership and acquaint them with truth and finally lead to sanity and peace ! I have faith in Him and future of humanity.
(Starline Syndicate Service)


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