Jammu Agricultural University

Known as Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology (SKUAST) in Jammu has its own background, struggle and aspirations of the people which resulted in its establishing in 1999 to work for agricultural research and development. One main thing, however, has been missing in it in that it has no evident sign of identity specific to the place like most of other similar Universities in the country have like Punjab Agricultural University, Haryana Agricultural University so on and so forth. Therefore, since it is an emotional issue, it was long felt as to why it should not be renamed as (simple) Jammu Agricultural University.
In this connection, while both the students and the faculty are in principle eagerly in favour of an early rechristening of the said University as Jammu Agricultural University, even the Lieutenant Governor having in principle agreed to the proposal, necessary papers, documents etc having by now been all complete, it is hoped the renaming of the University shall be shortly officially approved which undoubtedly shall prove to be a big confidence building measure for the people of Jammu who “got it” only after having put in a sustained struggle for it.