Jambu Zoo- Ready to open

Many Jammu projects have been delayed for years for one reason or another, some development-related and some tourism-related. It is important to mention lifeline of Jammu is Shri Mata Vaishno Devi pilgrims only for decades. Despite almost a crore pilgrims visiting Katra, departments have failed to divert these religious tourists to any other place of significance. Factually places are there but not developed. With trains already carrying the majority of pilgrims to Katra directly and the Delhi-Katra Express Highway also under construction, all pilgrims will go directly to Katra, and Jammu will lose its significance as a transit point. Same is the case with Kashmir bound tourists with direct trains to Kashmir by end of this year. To overcome this future situation, not far away, certain tourism mega projects were conceived, like the Artificial Lake, Tawi River Front and Jambu Zoo. Many had already been shelved; some were restarted after much delay; and some were implemented in go-and-stop mode. Jambu Zoo is one of them. Conceived, started but midway abandoned and then restarted. It is heartening to see that this project is finally going to see the light of day, much to the comfort of Jammu. More than three thousand kanals of land were acquired, of which twelve hundred kanals have been developed, and the rest is available for further expansion. Going by the detailed plans as shared, this zoo will be the next place of happening in Jammu, with animals from all over India to showcase, kiosks, electric vehicles to move around in, and a cafeteria as well. All necessary permissions have been requested and hopefully they will be approved in time. Manda Park animals will also be shifted to Jambu Zoo for a better living environment. March-April is the deadline set by the LG Administration, and based on the kind of projection, it will definitely be a game changer for Jammu in the coming days. Much appreciation goes to all those involved in the project.