Jal Abhiyaan

Absolutely it is not to be at the highest level but necessarily to be at the lowest level; a sign of good governance;if under the provisions of water-shed programmes it is called upon all the Panchayats of the country including J & K(UT) and UT of Ladakh to initiate a compulsory constructive planning of having ‘one each pond’in the forest areas and ‘one each pond’ at every village level.We usually observe that during the extreme hot weather the wild animals tend to migrate towards urban areas for quenching their thirst as well as to fill their hungry belly. Has anybody ever thought of about onslaught being inflicted upon these voiceless animals as well as winged kingdom due to scorching heat. So, let us be savior with the arrangements of drinking water facilities by digging out one each pond in the forest areas to restricting their migration towards cities. And each pond at village level to cater to the needs of drinking water for domestic animals and also winged kingdom who are wholly and solely dependent upon at the mercy of human beings.This will go a long way to help the saving of precious lives of wildlife and winged kingdom who too help human beings in sustaining of natural environment and maintenance of eco-system balance.
This step will help in generating employment opportunities in both urban and rural areas.
Tara Chand Bhagat
Talab Tiloo, Jammu