Jacqueline worries about Sri Lanka

Mumbai, May 24:  Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez is worried about the economic distress in her country, Sri Lanka, and hopes the problems will e0nd soon.

As a Sri Lankan, it is heartbreaking to see what my country and countrymen are going through. I have been flooded with a lot of opinions since this began from around the world,” she said in Instagram.

“I would say, do not be too quick to pass a judgement and vilify any group based on what is shown. The world and my people do not need another judgement, they need empathy and support.

“Two minutes of silent prayer for their strength and well-being will bring you much closer to them than a comment based on a loose grasp of the situation, she wrote.

To my country and countrymen, I am hoping this situation comes to an end soon and through means which are peaceful and for the benefit of the people. Praying for immense strength to those dealing with this. Peace to all.