IVF Vs Natural pregnancy

Dr Richa Sharma
In our clinical practice, we receive various queries from the couples undertaking IVF. Reason Because IVF (test tube baby) is a perse entity which is still new but also has many limitations and grey zones. Infertility is when a couple fails to conceive even after a year of unprotected intercourse. Pregnancy is normally achieved within 12 months.
Difference in by birth defects ?
One of the most common myth couples have is that whether there is any difference between IVF baby and that born by natural means. Answer is straight NO.Its only the technique which is different such that in IVF, all steps are artificially controlled and whatever happens in the body is created outside womb in the lab to form the smallest creation of life called- EMBRYO. Its then these embryos are skillfully transferred into the womb of the prospective mother.
There is no risk of growth problems
There is no additional risk of congenital anomalies/ chromosomal disorders
These risks are at par with the general population except in case there is strong family history or male factor with underlying karyotype defects are there.
2) Do we need to have complete bed rest after IVF cycle ?
Answer is – There is no role of bed rest on the success of IVF. Reason embryo is a very microscopic structure so if it has to stick it will to the lining of womb irrespective of activities you do.It doesn’t mean that with upright position your embryos are going to fall down under the effect of gravity !!!!
What we advise is as per evidence based. We advise that couple should abstain, and should refrain from aggressive activities like jumping, driving, sudden turns etc because after all the medications which are given to grow the eggs, the ovaries get enlarged such that there is an underlying risk of them getting rotated so creating an emergency situation called ovarian torsion which may prove fatal to the ovaries and hence the future fertility potential. Patient should keep calm and keep mind relaxed and just follow the medicines recommended along with balanced diet maintaining proper hydration along with seasonal fruits /vegetables like we had mentioned in our previous article the role of all these.
They should refrain from alcohol intake , smoking, junk foods, canned or stored products and excess of tea/ coffee/caffeine products and any additional medicines taken for any coincidental illness should be taken only after proper consultation as what all worries is the damaging effect on baby- so better be safe- consult your doctor and avoid any OTC(over the counter ) medicines
3) Do I need to go for caesarean section only ?
Answer- No.. Look the indication for caesarean will be same as in natural conceptions- obstetric indications
Except if the couple requests for the elective in view of precious pregnancy,previous multiple failed IVF cycles
But in short IVF is not a contraindication pre se for the normal vaginal delivery.
4) Safety of medicines used in IVF ?
Yes very much safe as far as 36 years since IVF is patented through out the world
These are temporary medicines which include medicines used to match/time the cycles, growth of the eggs and for pregnancy support till the placenta takes over and support the baby.These medicines perform their action and then get excreted from the body and don’t have cumulative effect.


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