It was hard to move on: Thandie Newton on sexual abuse

LONDON, Apr 6: Actor Thandie Newton says it was tough for her to recover as a survivor of sexual abuse.

The 46-year-old “Westworld” star, who previously claimed she was sexually abused by a casting director during her teens, said after the incident she felt ”worthless” and ”ashamed” for a long time.

”The sense of worthlessness, shame – these things are very hard to move on from. But you can,” Newton told Marie Clarie magazine.

The actor said her aim is to make sure her children – Ripley, 18, Nico, 14, and Booker, five – understand how ”important and possible it is to change”.

“One of the things I relish in life is taking responsibility for the things I have inadvertently or otherwise done that have hurt anybody. Particularly with my children, I want them to see how important and possible it is to change,” she added. (PTI)