IT- based Smart Parking System in Jammu

To fight a comatose and haphazard parking system in Jammu city especially in and around General Bus Stand area, with the inauguration by the Lieutenant Governor of very much awaited General Bus Stand , multi -level car parking cum commercial complex in Jammu on February 11, we in this city can now claim that information technology based smart car parking system can become more varied and provided at various points in the traffic congested city . Entire vehicular traffic destined for Kashmir valley and Ladakh UT has to pass through , stop for a brief period of time and even overnight at Jammu thus putting extra stain on the already congested roads and available scarce space which requires such a parking system for vehicles which while occupying lesser space on the ground could provide enough place for parking in good number of every type of vehicles . The complex built on the pattern of ISBT New Delhi and Ahmadabad worth over Rs.213 crore in Jammu, is slated to resolve the problem to a larger extent. The Jammu Development Authority deserves commendation for managing this project in a professional way with the hope that it shows its similar performance in many such projects in future also.
It is quite satisfying that the new complex is designed in such a fashion so as to provide parking facility to 80 buses in bus terminal while for 1312 cars and 177 two wheelers all in multi level parking system. Besides parking facilities, opportunities for commercial activities too could be expected and for that purpose, 239 commercial shops including those displaced from the old structure are expected to function here all under one roof . Not only would that promote getting multi types of goods and make shopping really a matter of pleasure but would save time of the customers which otherwise, under ordinary circumstances, would have not been possible. They, now , will be having no worries about where to park their vehicles . In addition to that, getting allied facilities of restaurants, food and refreshment points , public utilities etc would make this complex first of its own in the city. Trend will set in even by private enterprise to go in for such complexes at other potential and promising points in the city.
We cannot respond to new and added problems as also challenges with old and outdated arrangements and have to evolve innovative and modern techniques by fathoming how infrastructure raising and comprehensive development could take place. Ensuring quality life and meeting essential requirements of and providing better facilities to citizens must be an avowed policy of every Government which must percolate down on the ground . At the same time, our business class must get all encouragement in the shape of better ambiance for their retail and wholesale outlets and 239 commercial shops with latest amenities coming up at the complex would go a long way in giving a new look to the city of Jammu . Urban development of the two capital cities going on needs added pace with new projects to really lend credence to the terming of such work as urban renaissance by the Lieutenant Governor . Jammu city is clamouring for widening of its busiest roads and raising of flyovers to decongest the virtually choked roads with increasing traffic. Moreover, anyone intending to go anywhere in the city is beforehand becoming worried and actually is facing tremendous botheration as to where to park one’s vehicle. It is a matter of relief that the Lt. Governor has promised more of similar parking arrangements in the city and another one is coming up at Panjtirthi . He has assured “scaling up of change and strategy for long term effect” in matters of projects of critical importance.
Jammu would be developed as a smart city with smart urban mobility and efficient traffic management infrastructure with special emphasis on developing and rejuvenating areas from Mubarak Mandi to Tawi River Front as also famous Raghunath Bazar, Apsara Roads, Gole Market, Canal Road etc .This was disclosed by the Lt. Governor on the occasion. We would like to appreciate him for realisation of such dire needs and rejuvenations required in entire Jammu city about which he firmly promised but would request that a synergy between promises or projections and real action taken in time bound manner be made a working culture of the administration. However, on the day of our 75th year of independence , the state-of-art conservation and restoration of the historic Mubarak Mandi in Jammu and Sherghari in Srinagar was expected to be completed.