Is it bogey?

4000 appointment orders were handed over to the unemployed youth of Kashmir region under Himayat project by Union Minister Jai Ram Ramesh recently while no such orders were given to youth in Jammu. 400 posts were sanctioned for Jammu region out of the total 1,129 posts of Assistant Professors sanctioned for the State in the Higher Education Department. 500 students from Kashmir region were sent for free professional courses recently to outside colleges and not a single from Jammu and Ladakh regions was sent for similar courses under the same scheme. 299 students were sent under the same scheme from Kashmir region while those from Jammu and Ladakh regions were left out. Are these figures and facts a “bogey” and not discrimination?  Let it be reminded that division-wise population distribution of the State is as this: Kashmir 51.7 % (excluding 2.5 % migrants), Jammu 45.7 % (including 2.5 % migrants) and Ladakh 2.3 %. Do the stated statistics do justice to Jammu and Ladakh divisions with a total population of 48.3 %? What then is discrimination if this is bogey? In true spirit of serving the people, the issue should first have been taken up by the Jammu region ministers in the coalition Government to show solidarity with the people of Jammu. But as is their history, they are as much immune to the interests of the people as they are alive to their self interest.


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