Irregularities galore in Tawi Barrage Project

Amidst a see- saw stand on whether to conduct financial and technical audit or not of much hyped but mired in hiccups of various hues , Tawi Barrage Project is found infested with both financial as well as technical irregularities . Getting a slight inkling of the administration adopting a lackadaisical and passive response to have the project audited though a team of senior officials of the State had been constituted, ‘Excelsior’ voiced its concern over such an unexpected attitude and finally the audit report having been submitted by the audit team vindicates our stand.
Several gross financial irregularities and technical goofs are reported to have been committed in the project . Not only that, the existing structure is imperilled as it is continuously suffering damages in the absence of proper protection work. How can the potential of tourism related projects prove worthwhile if the treatment and the approach right from conceiving to working till completion is such as has been witnessed in Tawi River Barrage Project? Again, how can those responsible for deflating and undermining the associated heaps of utility and benefits otherwise expected to be accruable as well as loss of expected revenue in whatever form, be not punished as the report mentions that the work on the project was never executed strictly as per the plan. Time ripe for two pronged action – one to have the project completed as early as possible and two, the corrupt and the inefficient ones made to face severe punishment.


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