Investigate irregularities in Oxygen plants procurement

A resilient nation through its people makes the best out of an adversity, even like breaking out of a pandemic like Carona virus etc, has perhaps gone the other way though deliberately and ostensibly under criminal conspiracy to indulge in gross irregularities right from procurement and installation to commissioning of Oxygen Generation Plants in Jammu. In this connection, a modus operandi adopted in almost all areas of the ”project” costing crores of Rupees, cannot but be described as a result of dishonest intentions for personal pecuniary gains though more details would get unveiled as a result of a thorough probe.
Manipulations in tendering, favouring the ”selected ones” with bidding, compromising with the quality, flawed workmanship and the like have all been employed for the purpose. Morality and ethical values should have become more entrenched and more strong looking to how the pandemic took a toll of precious lives and how infected people were gasping for breaths and needing oxygen desperately and even in such circumstances, manipulations of the hues as unfolded, is inhuman and really shocking. The erring officials need to be placed under suspension and all relevant papers and proofs sealed and kept under strict and secured custody followed by legal action against the accused plus recovering from them the requisite costs and losses.