Interim budget another instance of BJP’s jumlebazi: Mayawati

Terming the interim budget presented by Piyush Goyal as being away from ground reality and bitter facts and one driven by ‘jumlebazi’, the BSP chief Mayawati on Friday said that during the five years of the BJP’s rule, the chasm of economic parity had increased more profoundly.
Making a scathing attack on the budget presented by Finance Minister Piyush Goyal, the ex-chief minister of Uttar Pradesh said that money and development had narrowed down to a handful of rich people, which was indicative of the anti-poor, anti-farmer and arrogant mindset of the Government.
Attacking the interim Finance Minister and the budget presented by him, the BSP supremo said that the BJP’s statements, claims and ‘jumlebazi’ can neither transform the fate of the nation nor it can end the long-standing grave issues like unemployment, inflation and illiteracy which can only be addressed by right intentions and persistently strong determination which has been lacking in the Central Governments hitherto.
Terming the budget to be on par with the ‘false’ electoral promises of the BJP, she said that it was de-motivating and triggered restlessness just like demonetisation, GST and the resultant unemployment.
Furthering her attack, the BSP honcho said that the benefits of the Governmental schemes for the poor people, farmers and labourers were in fact being reaped by a handful of rich people rather than the true beneficiaries of the schemes, adding that economic disparity and inequality had increased due to such instances which was against the national interest.
Ms Mayawati appealed the people to be cautious of the false promises, wrong policy and arrogant functioning of the present Government and to judge these planks after considering the ground reality.
She also said that the people should be aware of the present Government’s policy of deflecting common man’s attention from real issues by giving way to religious issues.
Ms Mayawati also appealed the people to carefully introspect and then take a decision which favours their personal interests and national interest. (UNI)


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