Instructions issued for refund of registration fee if service not availed

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, May 22: The Revenue Department today issued instruction for the refund of fee where no registration of the document is affected due to technical glitches/circumstances beyond the control of applicant.
According to a circular in this regard, the affected citizen may submit an application for the refund of the fees, for which no service is availed, to the concerned Sub Registrar. The Sub Registrar will review the application and conduct necessary reconciliation with Government receipts and forward the case to the Inspector General of Registrations, J&K through the respective Registrar and Additional Inspector General of Registration for further consideration.
Thereafter, the Inspector General of Registration, J&K will review the case and verify that the reconciled amount is indeed due for refund, and it has not resulted in the registration of any instruments/articles. After satisfying himself with the validity of the claim, the Inspector General will grant approval for the refund of the respective amount after deduction of Rs 100 from the fee paid provided budgetary provisions are available for the purpose.
Further, IGR shall issue the details guidelines/procedure to ensure that only genuine cases get the refund without incurring any pecuniary loss to the state, reads the circular.
These instructions were issued after the matter was referred to the Law Department for its observation and then examined by the Finance Department.
Pertinent to mention that there have been instances where citizens, in their efforts to register articles/instruments through NGDRS have encountered technical glitches resulting in the failure to process the registration fees. Consequently, these citizens have had to repay the Registration fees in order to avail of the registration service.

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