Instability, chaos in J&K matter of concern: Bhalla

Senior Cong leader Raman Bhalla addressing public meeting in Gandhi Nagar area of Jammu.
Senior Cong leader Raman Bhalla addressing public meeting in Gandhi Nagar area of Jammu.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Sept 12: Former Minister and senior Congress leader Raman Bhalla has said that the ensuing state of instability and chaos in J&K was a matter of serious concern, which if not taken seriously could prove disastrous.
Addressing  prominent persons of Gandhi Nagar constituency, Bhalla said that governance instability, policy inconsistency and the deteriorating law and order situation in the State were reminders of “how the slogan of ‘change’ raised by the ousted ruling alliance had proven to be a hoax”. Bhalla said the “current atmosphere of despondency, doom and anxiety” in the Valley making things worst in the absence of constructive and reconciliatory politics.
He accused the ousted PDP-BJP Government in the State as well as the Central of being responsible for the “rapidly deteriorating” situation in J&K and said that communal polarization, chaos and anarchy have engulfed all the three regions of the State. “Under PDP-BJP Government, people of the State were being pitted against one another along regional and religious lines. This was being done with a design to seek specific political dividends by the ruling regime,” he alleged.
Bhalla said that the BJP Government at the Centre “instead of helping us get out of this vortex of violence was watching as a mute spectator. They seemed to have given up on the State and failed in bringing in a workable, practical and sensible way-out. He also said that it was the time for both PDP and BJP to do some introspection and listen to voices from the ground and do some correction.
Speaking on the occasion, District Jammu Urban president Vikram Malhotra said that  after testing different political parties, now there is realization among people of Jammu region about their mistake of supporting BJP. It is historical fact Congress’s inclusive policies and developmental agenda has ensured balanced development in the State.
Expressing his anguish over mounting problems of the common masses, Malhotra regretted that PDP-BJP coalition regime had done nothing to solve basic problems of the people. He said that people of Jammu, who had voted in favour of BJP, now feel cheated and betrayed because BJP representatives have been protecting their petty personal interests at the cost of common masses.