‘KGF’s Rocky bhai ‘inspires’ 15-yr-old to smoke a pack of cigarettes, hospitalised after falling severely ill

HYDERABAD, MAY 28: A 15-year-old boy from Hyderabad who was inspired by the protagonist Rocky Bhai from Kannada film KGF Chapter Two smoked a pack of cigarettes in two days in his very first attempt and fell sick.
He was brought to a private hospital with complaints of breathlessness, dry cough and sore throat. Doctors at Century Hospital, Banjara Hills, announced they had treated the teenager, who was brought for out-patient consultation in mid May.
The boy, from Rajendra Nagar, was in need of immediate medical attention to provide relief from the after-effects of smoking cigarettes.
Nothing suspicious at first
The hospital’s consultant pulmonologist Dr. Rohith Reddy Pathuri said that he took an x-ray of the patient’s chest. But found nothing suspicious.
The doctor observed a burnt mark on the middle finger of the teenager’s right hand. When asked, the boy admitted to have smoked. His parents fumed on hearing it, but Dr. Pathuri asked them to step out of the room and spoke to the boy.
Found Rocky ‘stylish’
“When I asked him why he smoked, the teenager said he found Rocky Bhai in KGF Chapter Two stylish. So he smoked too,” said Dr. Pathuri. The boy had watched the movie thrice over two days.
Despite developing some discomfort after two cigarettes, he completed the pack in two days
Dr. Pathuri said that he has counselled the teenager by explaining to him the dangers of of smoking, and showed him pictures of smokers who suffered lung cancer and oral cancer. (Agencies)