Innocence for salvation

Satbir Singh Kapoor

With the utterance of the word “INNOCENCE”, what comes to my mind is the smiling face of a child, his or her innocent  eyes, pure heart, simple attitude etc. etc. When our mind is free from ego, hate, greed, lust, anger, it is said to be innocent mind. A child is born with pure heart and soul and thus said to be a God’s  gift. A child is not worried about money or other material acquisitions. He is happy with whatever he has. He is experiencing supreme consciousness. If the mind is innocent then the person feels peacefulness. In this materialistic world, people think that only money can bring them peacefulness and happiness. But it is not true. Money may fulfill our basic needs, but the real formula for happiness is keeping the mind innocent.
But in today’s life we are losing our innocence as we are growing in age and profession. We have learnt how to become selfish in our deeds, how to conceal our real intentions and how to deceive others. We want success only and can put the innocence and purity at stake. We have sacrificed our purity to fulfill our lust and greed. We have achieved so much in name, fame and money. This success has come at the cost of other people’s right. We try to find the innocence in others but we have lost it in ourselves. We have learnt to win the race of life but we have lost the innocence in our lives. We have endless desires, ego and selfishness. We run away from our duties, we do not have patience. We have absorbed tension, suffocation and frustration in our life. In busy life when a person stops for a moment and takes out few minutes to take breath then he remembers and misses his childhood badly. Because his desire for pure innocence makes him realize the vacuum in his life. He then starts expecting this world to get filled with purity, helpfulness, innocence where nobody ditches anyone, where nobody betrays anyone. On the contrary, a small child does not know of jealousy his heart is pure and clear. He can cry for a moment but next moment he becomes normal and does not have any revenge feeling for others. That kid will not keep anything in his mind. This is innocence and it attracts. But in contrast if someone says anything to us we take it in a wrong manner and get angry and keep seeking opportunities to avenge. We do things with a feeling of vengefulness and jealously.
Lord Shiva is called BholeNath because it is said none in the world is more innocent than the Lord. He is child like with no sense of malice or cunningness, no sense of ego or no sense of power or arrogance. “BHOLE’ means innocent and ‘NATH’ means KING or LORD.In Guru Granth Sahib there are many hymns which caution that nothing can be accomplished with cleverness. Cleverness takes us far away from God as God loves purity, simplicity innocence because God is also innocent (BHOLA). Nanak says O mercurial mind, no one has ever obtained the Lord through cleverness (KAHAI NAANAK MAN CHANCHAL CHATURAAEE KINAI NA PAAEIAA). Man may possess thousand and lacs of clever tricks, but not even one (goes with him) avails him in Lord’s Court. Renounce cleverness and cunningness and know that the sustainer of the world is with you.
In nutshell ,we will have to become like a child who is present in every one of us and we imbibe those virtues that would enable us to reach the state of eternal bliss. Innocence is ladder through which we can ascend the path of spirituality. Let us strive to realize the child within us and love for the small things in life that give happiness.  A child lives in a state of perpetual bliss. He is not weighed down by worries, he does not fear the future and neither is he burdened by the past.
How sweet it would be if we again become an innocent children. The reason is simple: the innocent beings are able to develop a pure relationship with the supreme.  Paramatma is no doubt pure, sacred, innocent and our aatma could only merge with Paramatma if it is also so much pious and innocent. And then there is union of Aatma with Paramatma and that is called MOKSHA which is the ultimate destination of soul & purpose of our life.