The Broken Mirror

The Broken Mirror


The Broken Mirror reminds me of my soul,
Tried to find hope,
But found a deep empty hole.
The same mirror has seen rivers run dry,
Men turning to ashes,
Ashes turning to dust!
And in deep Atlantic,
Titanic getting fed by rust!
The same mirror asks me who I I am ?
I said I am what I could be,
But deep down I realise,
I am not even what I should be!
Arnav Sharma
Raipur Jammu


An aspirant

In a world full of aspirations
An aspirant walks a steady walk
Eyes are filled with passion
For a dream which is lurking within them
Days are long and nights are longer
Old newspapers are scattered here and there
Failed multiple times, but still alive
Face is gone shabby but still smile
Books have taken over this life of mine,
I shall not quit a dream is life to live by,
They say on the radio of struggle”monsoon is bad, fruits won’t ripe.”
As a farmer of aspirations I must toil my pen again for some while.
No matter how long these days will be,
My aspirations are alive my heart is alive.
No matter how long it takes,
I shall sow my seeds and irrigate these plains of mine,
A change of strategy will bring me my aspired shine.
On the day of harvest,
My fruits will be prepared for delivery,
When you eat them you will know how good I smile.




I want to go from this place,
Want someone to replace,
Want to have some candor.
Fed up with this race,
I want space.
Why under pressure,
When you are your own cherisher .
Why the need to be perfect?
And keep hitting with a hammer?
It’s not my fault,
Want to end this game.
When I am not skilled,
Then what may I build? You are making
My inner soul killed.
One day I will burn,
And leave this universe!
Then I would not return…
You may learn that day,
About your and my concern.
Who wants to live in a cage?
Well, no one…
The day I will depart,
You will know the God’s Art.
Inderveer Kour
10 A
APS Miran Sahib