inner voice


The Richest Gift


The richest gift we may give,
One to the other, is not
the gift of a gem or a ring,
but the gift of a lovely thought
It is enshrined in the heart,
making it a temple of Beauty,
What you give, you are.
Do give another a good thought?
A good thought is the God thought. And you
become a God: and he becomes a God!
God wants of you no big, showy things.
Offer Him your little gifts
of love, and he will accept them as His Holy
Food, His Sacrament Sanjay Dhar
Laxmi Nagar, Sarwal,




She, her, and her alluring self
The Diva with courteous persona
I have been baffled and taken
From wish to desires, my words to silence,
She stood there everytime
Her arms- my home!
Just to whisper, “Calm down darling!”.
She stood firm every single time,
For her ‘Sunshine’!
The warrior she is,
Perhaps the Bumblebee of our lives.
This day, let’s say those unspoken words,
“Mum, Isn’t the moon lovely?”.
Yuvika Singh 10 B,
APS Miran Sahib





At Beck and call to infantry man,
An uphill task they always did best they can.
To infantry a dedicated arm,
Delivered accurate shots a great charm,
At heel to supported arm,
Their glorious recorded past,
I must pen down I thought,
To gunners family a good name we brought,
Blue the winner, though red bravely fought,
But got defeated and finally lost,
By timely delivery of decisive shot.
Continuous support to the dedicated arm,
Our basic task,
Do or die did our home work,
No reason we ask.
When going got tough,
Weather too was inhospitable and rough,
Sorted out the enemy with just no fuss.
Deployment at night,
Calm and quiet,
Things for the enemy were in terrible plight.
Enemy’s morale was in his boots,
When OP officers took excellent shoots.
Infantry the Queen of battle,
King is our Artillery,
For achievement of success both were party.
Excellent command past work,
Good drills,
Oh! My god heard enemy shrills,
For gunners greater thrills.
Enemy’s defences were
Well done gunners we will gain.
Enemy’s defences we did crush,
Sarvatra-Izzat-O- Iqbal honour to us,
Enemy’s defences ultimately fell,
Equally our sister AD Artillery did very well,
Artillery shots and shells played merry hell,
Gunners did extremely well.
Well fought red blue is the winner.
We are proud of being a gunner.
Col Parmjit
Sainik Colony