inner voice


I Wish I can

I can talk to myself for hours,
If only it was that easy.
I can buy myself flowers,
Only if my life wasn’t lazy.
I can have never felt like talking,
If my diary could have consoled me.
I would have never regretted unblocking,
Only if people considered me as me.

I know I’m good at hiding,
But how much more do I hide?
Why can’t they come asking?
Why does it hurt their pride?

I value you and your time,
So I’ll rarely come and speak for myself.
Why is it a problem now?
When I met you, you said you were blessed.

I never really had expectations,
There was no need to make me dreamy,
Now that you’ve made me dream,
Why fulfilling them makes me greedy?
Banmeet Kour


Sweet and Sour


Life is full of problems,
Which bring different outcomes.
It’s just like the melancholy darkness of clouds,
All the sweet and sour memories that bound.
Experiences make the best of us,
Let’s fight the problems which make a fuss.
Life is like a bagel, it’s delicious when it’s warm,
But often it’s just hard and we cannot keep calm.
You are amazing! It’s just a reminder,
Make yourself one hell of a fighter !
Life will give you only one chance,
Try to achieve it once and let the success dance!!
Remember, Life can bloom.
Life can wither like a flower
It’s sometimes sweet or it’s sour
-Yuvika Singh
10 B APS Miran Sahib




Student is just like a seedling,
With the small nourishment
It becomes sapling
From this venture, needs some right values
The right morals defines their right perspective
And little motivation inspires them
To be a good fruitful student and a good citizen
The only person that make it is the teacher…
Sonu Kumar