Moon conquered

Moon conquered

We conquered the moon
And fulfilled the long cherished dream
For our scientists it was a diligent scheme
The hard work of scientists proved their mettle
Now much more things on moon we will settle
It brought laurels to the country
Now it will be our persistent spree
We have achieved what looked impossible
Eying on mission our scientists made it possible
Landing of Vikram lander made scientists feel time of terror
Gods benefactions, it worked without error
There was coherence between vertical and horizontal speed
It was a day of victory indeed
Now moon has turned our home
We will not let our chanderian remain alone
Now our flag is fluttering on the moons surface
It is indeed nation’s pride and the grace
Our felicitations to the ISRO team
Who are nations intelligentsia and cream
May our country march ahead with long strides
To reach to the highest pinnacles of glory that is Zenith
Bhushan Lal Raina
Gole Gujral




No effort for them go in vain
Can never see me in pain
Demand my success in every pray
Love going deeper day by day
Growing up and playing with them is always adventure
In the list of best siblings our names enter
No therapy can beat their company
May God bless with peace and harmony
Shares every matter of life with me
Tears in my eyes they can never see
Promise to keep me safe with every knot
Of Rakhi for which I’m exited a lot
Please God keep us always in one bandhan
Wishing all a very happy Rakshabandhan
Kritika Sharma
Jhiri Kana Chak


A tree nurtured

In the Labour’s dust,
That lay so low
And is self efacing,
The seed of success sprouted.
By and by that grew
Into a tree, stately and high
As I nurtured it
With all my sweat….
It’s roots are so deep now
And it’s fruits sweet…!
Surat Singh