inner voice


She always flew high on the blue sky,
Never turned around and never felt shy,
She always scattered laughs and smiles,
And no second thought, not even for a while.
But who likes her high flights?
Someone needs her to fight,
Cut her wings and put in a cage,
Burst on her with all your rage.
She accepted the cage with all that permitted,
From the limitless to the limited,
Cheering with all that is around,
Although nothing gleeful in the surroundings
Each day with something astounding ,
Every moment filled with new wounds,
Just a thing she needs to know,
Why all the time she has to bow ? Sonia Choudhary


‘I smiled’


So dark it was, the stormy winds, the fused bulbs, no light,
The dazzling moon, the twinkling stars, what a night!
The atmosphere placid, calm and serene, so quiet,
Sleeping birds, blowing breeze, swaying trees; what a height!
Away they are, all from grudges, envy, greed and fight;
Appropriate it was time for me, to ponder over the things, good and right,
Stunning location! Sitting I was, watching that sight!
An idea strikes me, I took a paper, just wanted to write,
Started expressing thoughts, meaningful examples I wanted to cite,
So perfect it was, no confusions, no ‘May not be,’ no ‘May be,’ or ‘Might,’
Up above the sky, I saw a delicate and carefree, a flying kite,
Who was flying the kite? Nobody knew. It was snow like white,
Another thought came into mind, it was all about a proper and balanced diet,
I smiled, started eating, enjoying each and every bite.
Alka Sharma
Rehari Colony.


Truth of life


When I went to find the truth of life,
life threw me over the knife,
sometimes on the bed of roses,
sometimes on then valleys of flowers.
Be it Socrates or Bose,
they had known some secret;
unknown from the most of the folks.
Just like an onion yields onion; peel after peel.
Look at a cabbage, howsoever we peel,
we get finally the same product,
whether we bend or kneel.
But there is a dim light, dimmer than ay of the possible flames in our existence.
Some message it gives us,.
it advises some secret and a strong position it claims.
Joy, little bit recognition, money and fun, it’s all that we at this moment of life aspire.
Some times I feel something is even more worthwhile and higher.
From the first breath to the last,
this life is all we are here to live.
Wandering from one desire to another
one day we leave.
This world is a place of redemption from a saint to a creep.
I think some work has been assigned to each one of us to do before finally we sleep.
Till now, what I have seen that it’s important to whatsover little we can do for humanity;
its wonderful I believe.
Nishant Sharma