River Devika


River Devika

In the land of Udhampur, a river gently flows,
A tale of devotion, its sacredness it shows.
Devika, the sister of the holy Ganges, they say,
Her waters divine, for sins, a soothing spray.
Bathing in her embrace, souls find solace,
Her whispers of eternity, we gladly embrace.
Through valleys and meadows, she dances with grace,
An enchanting melody, nature’s warm embrace.
Her waters a witness to history’s tales,
Of kings and empires, where time prevails.
On her banks, lives lived and dreams unfurled,
The heartbeat of Udhampur, in every corner of the world.
Devika, a river that carries life’s embrace,
With every ripple, history it does trace.
Her story etched in the hearts of the land,
A river’s legacy, forever to withstand.
As we gaze upon her tranquil flow,
We cherish the bond that continues to grow.
Devika, the soul of Udhampur, we hold dear,
In her sacred waters, we find hope and cheer.
Flow on, Devika, in your mystical way,
Guide our spirits through night and day.
In your embrace, we find peace and light,
A river’s love, forever burning bright.
– Abhishek Jandial
Gole Mela Udhampur

My Fairweather Friend

He hangs about the body of mine,
Like my shadow in the sunshine,
He hides himself under my shade
As if he is of the Sun afraid.
When I walk on the road ahead,
His legs, his body and his head,
His steps with my steps coincide.
We two together walk side by side,
As if in an army parade.
At one time he lengthens beyond utmost,
At the other, shortens like a black-ghost.
Sometimes ahead sometimes behind,
Lying flat on the ground,
Sweeps quietly producing no sound.
He stands by me when weather is clear;
When rays are eclipsed by a cloud,
He escapes leaving me on the road..!
Surat Singh






The most precious gift
Bestowed by God to a child
Are his parents
For me Dear Papa and Mamma
You are God
As God
As the soul residing in me
Is a part of yours …!!!!
Komal Mengi
Raghunath Bazar