Yes, I am silence!


Yes, I am silence!


This intrigued fog.
This unknown fear
These unknown footsteps
Yes, I am silence!
Am not as bad as you think.
There is motion because there is stagnancy.
There is life because there is death.
Air stills, hurricanes arise.
There is sound cause there is silence.
Yes, I am silence!
Come to me I call upon you!
Am there to comfort you.
Am of all the abandonment
That there is in the world
Yes, I am silence!
Am calmer than dreadful.
You think of me
Embrace me well.
Yes, I am silence!
I am meaningful.
Just that you didn’t find it.
Yes, I am silence!
The power beholds.
Secret to be unlocked.
Yes, I am silence
– Manya Sharma


Out Of Sight

Trapped in your state of mind
Answers to questions hard to find
Closed eyes to find peace
Yet emotions do not seem to release.
Staring at the stars above
Portrayed as a garden or an alcove
Everlasting sparkle that never dies
Never same as love comes with a price.
Out of sight you wander
Till someone comes to slander
Makes you fall to your knees
And you crumble with such ease.
Seen around as a laughing stock
Judgy eyes that do nothing but mock
Crave for a sweet voice all along
But sadly no one knows the worth of a song.
Wearing a cologne of sadness
Trying to show your distress
But little you should know
Its never the pity people show.
Rachael Rathore



I have found him


I have found him,
O world, come my way…
In here…!
He that dwells in every place..
And eludes being seen…
He that is the source of all light
And yet not like it….
He that is the whole universe
Put together and yet not that..
He that transcends everything,
He that is nowhere to be found,
I have found him,
O world, come my way
In here….!
Surat Singh