Keep smiling


Keep smiling

A small,stretch of your lips,
A smile
Can release
Number of happy hormones
And can make you lively
It’s full of miracles
Because our whole body heals
Smile is infectious
Because we automatically smile
When we see someone smiling
Hence keep smiling.
Kiran Kanchan


Wind, water, work and I
Here on a Tuesday morning, but why?
To accomplish all that we set out to
I will narrate what we intend to do.
The wind is much in a rush I see
Traveling towards the east as she
Lifts away the water drops
Will she care for or destroy the crops?
The water though gentle, this time is not
A heavy downpour, amped up a notch
Messenger it is of the monsoon rains
Carving its way through mountains and plains.
The work is on halt for over an hour
Power cut, the regular gift of a shower
No plans take over a higher time table
Maybe we could, but we are not able.
I am by the stairs, admiring the moment
I no longer speak, I write, I’m silent
In sync is the wind, water, work and I
Confirmed by a thunder that passes by.
Shivika Thakur
Bari Brahmana


Just to feel the struggling passengers’ pain,
I chose to travel in general quota train.
Having many followers,
I could ignore the messages from strangers,
But I responded everyone considering
All equally worthy as thoughts’ exchangers.
In my struggling time, I was also ignored,
But being valuable and unique now,
I don’t want anyone to feel demotivated being ignored.
Selfless councelling to the needy without being rude,
Even in any kind of mood
Understanding the way how they deal and feel,
And thinking of the ways how I could heal.
Learning from others and making others learn,
Sahaj has humbly done, But now it’s your turn.
Being down to earth,
I explored the unbiased beauty of my worthy mother earth.
Sahaj Sabharwal


To hope of a new day
To begin life with a new day
Hoping of best to happen
A twist in life and darkness that lightens…
Hope is different for everyone
To meet the one for someone
To become the one for someone
To get the thing for someone…
Hope is the only thing on which the world resides…
What to hope is,we have to decide
Suneha Sharma