inner voice


A complete proportion of nutrients is ‘Balanced Diet’,
While eating food, chew properly every bite.
Fruits and vegetables are good for health,
A fit physique, indeed, is equal to great wealth;
Finish the food patiently, take a fine walk, speak less,
No drama or stress, no worries or gloom, no mess,
‘A sound mind lives in a sound body, we all know,
Engage yourself in constructive activities, don’t feel low,
Negativity is harmful my dear, harmless is positivity,
Be like a rainbow, vibrant and lustrous, don’t ponder over longevity,
Be calm, don’t judge others, read good books,
Character is great to be formed, secondary are the looks.
Alka Sharma
Rehari Colony


The Music of the Soul

Shrivel and sing my soul
Cast aside the sorrows of time
Drape the veil of bliss
And play the music of my harp divine
A wanderer… I shall trail at every note
To dance, to sway, to fall
Merrily leap and play
Yet I shall dance
Till the music stops
Vridhi Mabhajan


I feel depressed,
Underneath a weight, heavily pressed.
It’s like the devil sucked up my energy,
I forgot what was glee.
I just feel empty,
For no light I see.
Neeharika Bhagat


When my parents are here

I am not capable to think about fear
They teach me Science and English
And fulfil my every wish
They are good
And are always in a good mood
When I saw a light
My parents were standing as SUN, so bright
They bring many books
And I read them at the coast of many brooks
They are the king and queen of my heart
And they are too smart
Mahira Mahajan
Jodhamal Public School