inner voice

The Little Things

Little things that make me smile,
Are not that of a big pile.
Waking up relaxed without the annoying alarm sound ,
With forehead unaccompanied by any frown.
Starting the day with a warm hug ,
Filled with love that always makes you shrug .
A perfect coffee with apt sweetness,
Makes me comprehend a sense of completeness.
Some nonsense chit chat with friends,
And reading some cute social media comments .
Some gossip sessions with mum ,
While munching on some bread crumbs.
A day without any stress or tension,
With all the happy vibes and no apprehension .
Finding someone making efforts to make you feel contented,
Makes you feel even more augmented .
Enhancing the day with my favourite food,
Is always a chef’s kiss to my mood .
An impromptu plan to go somewhere,
With someone who really does care.
Enjoying some street food while on the way,
That’s my definition of a happy day . Mannat Sabharwal


Night Moon Chilly winter

I saw the fairy moon shiver
In a chilly winter’s night
There were stars but fewer
In the little darkling twilight
Beyond the scene I saw nothing;
A really long time thereafter
I picked a tune on my string
And they wafted in lilts softer:
Out from my moving finger,
The night, the moon, the chilly winter Surat Singh


Climate Change

Pleasant mornings and chilled afternoon summer days
should I feel happy or really be saddened for these ways
Happy for the pleasant passing of summer
or sad about what actually isn’t gruner.
The happy faces should see the plants and fields
Should actually feel their mourning indeed
Plants wrinkled and leaves waning for photosynthesis
to make food for themselves and food for others.
Climate change what we used to hear
in the lectures of the intellectuals dear
is becoming truth of the day
And game is really a foul play.
I don’t know what is about to come
but I know the Man who has done
will be the sufferer in the time to come.
Save us God !
Save the Earth !
Save the life !
Indu Dambi