Living away from my own town,
After achieving something, it’s time to return to my home town.
In every semester leave,
One couldn’t resist visiting a place that provides real relief.
Last semester exam and packing starts,
Towards my home town, the evening train departs.
The struggle in clearing no due form,
After that, the relaxation getting all signatures and stamps on leave form.
A week before the last exam, the count down begins,
Worried about the exam over which excitement to return my home, wins.
Many struggled with their homesickness,
Making themselves stronger towards their own weakness.
Mom started performing overwork, days before I reach home,
To arrange all my favourite food items, I missed staying away from home.
Several wounds originated, beating as broken heart alone,
To heal all the problems, I visit my own sweet home.
– Sahaj Sabharwal

I am blind


Your clothes are torn but I cannot see
I pretend to be blind cant waste my money
By giving it to a stranger like you
You can work I know
Yet you’re lazy I know
I know everything
Everything as I am educated
I don’t know about you but perhaps you are not
As your clothes are torn and the colours are faded
I won’t give you a penny of mine
Even though live got loads
I know you can work just fine
Don’t crowd the roads
Don’t ask for my money
I pretend not to see your scars
Your broken hand
I have money I have cars
I have undisputed land
Yet I will not help
Even though I see your hungry child
Who has not eaten for a while
I tell my wife your clothes expose too much skin
Yet I won’t give you a penny buy new ones
I don’t care if you cry, if you smile
I don’t think you can fill your stomach with just a bun
So why should I waste my penny
It won’t make a difference
Right ?
Sanvi Rajput




In the months of drought, she was a brisk rain.
Which drenched my fields, and washed my pains.
For eons and eternity, hadn’t seen the moon.
Her bright so divine, all things were attune.
And then she giggles, and the meadows are born.
With squirrels playing, birds chirping, a sight to adorn.
And in those meadows she flew like a free sparrow.
With her wings spread apart, made the world sans sorrow.
I saw her fly, glide, laugh and dance.
But to drown in her eyes, never had a glance.
And I never dared to, never to set her unfree.
Watched her fly everyday, let it be, let it be.
Maybe years from now I’ll regret indecisions,
She was this close, my heart full of envisions.
For all her charms, seemed too good to be true,
But don’t ask me about her eyes, coz in that, I never looked into.
Jagandeep Singh