inner voice

In loving memory of a close one


From being a new born, to seeing our kids,
You promised to be with us all time.
From writing our first word, to signing official documents,
You promised to see us grow.
From hearing our first word, to listening our problems
Even during our marriages,
You promised to listen all our trouble.
From taking our first step, to reaching the heights of success,
You promised to stood by us.
From the first fight among us, to mending all the broken relationships,
You promised to stay together always.
From seeing you for the first time, to seeing your corpse in front of us,
All we are left with is a hole that can never be filled.
Vidhi Mahajan




From the dark world to the illumination,
I ask for a tiny space.
From the ravenous appetite to the desire of thirst,
I covet for a bitty share.
From this giant world to the microscopic,
I wish for a small life.
From my presence to disappearance,
I urge for an unworried journey.
And lastly O God,
“I pray nobody kills me for the crime for being small.”
Supinder Kour
Nanak Nagar, Jammu.


Courage to choose kindness


She was afraid of this world,
Despite its beauty and wonders,
She thought of life as her salvation,
Or another one of her blunders,
Inherently, she knew that people are good,
And that life couldn’t be so tough,
But no matter how kind she chose to be,
For some, it just was never enough,
She beared no malice in her good heart,
And they said that she was being fake,
She had less friends but was friendly to all,
And suddenly her reputation was at stake,
It’s not that she didn’t make mistakes,
At least she wasn’t morally corrupt,
But the judgments that were thrown her way,
Often felt painful and abrubt,
Some lovely people in her life,
Showed her a path out of the blue,
They said,”You can be both kind and strong.
So, nobody can question the good in you”.
The most valuable lesson that she learnt,
From the memories that haunted her like ghosts,
Was that the unkind people are the ones,
Who usually need our help the most.
Sheen (Nausheen Padha)