inner voice



I am money and every one likes me
Poor, rich, middle class, he and she
People have lust to have me in large
So they malpractise and also overcharge
The seers have also fallen to my prey
Young with black hair like me and old in grey
They toil hard from dawn to twilight
and swindle me even in the darkness of night
For me every body is committing the sin
and trying to please his kith and kin
In this age without me no one is great
Who have me in bulk are called dhanna seth
Height of a person is measured because of me
This is true for which every body may agree
People earn me, I may be black or white
By laundering, snatching,gambling and fight
Without me no body dreams of a pretty spouse
And with my dearth it is difficult to build a house
I may let you enjoy AC, bunglow and car
And have the might to provide u with a Thar
But excess of money may turn your head
It is a fact because seers have wisely said
Bishan Sharma Muntzir
Senior lecturer in Physics
GHSS Chenani

Springtime longing

I am afar from my motherland so dear,
Yearning for the springtime so clear,
The blooming mustard fields I recall,
And the captivating apple trees tall.
But now the temperature’s like a haze,
And I’m left with a longing gaze,
For the land I left behind,
And the beauty I cannot find
The old man’s gaze was full of lust,
On her daughter’s youth it did thrust
But in this land of turmoil and pain,
It’s hard to see that peace again.
May the day come when all is calm,
And people can sing a joyful psalm,
Let’s pray for peace to reign once more,
In Kashmir, our beloved shore.
Peer Mohammad Amir Qureshi


They say beauty lies in everything,
In the breeze, the trees, the moon and the stars,
There’s beauty in soul, our mind and heart,
But they forget to beautify the scars.
There’s beauty in pain,
And in the heart that’s been broken again and again,
There’s beauty in the words you keep and the ones you say,
There’s beauty in the way, how you still choose to stay,
Even when your heart holds no more strength,
To love again, believe again or even live anymore,
Coz it fears being broken in the ways it’s been broken before.
It has lost much more than it ever received ,
The scars heal, and fade away but the pain never leaves.
And you still pass the storms,
Even if it upturns your boat,
You have got no fear of losing anything,
Coz you lost every battle you fought,
But still hold on to some hope.
You still manage to smile,
When there’s just a void left in yourself,
And try to make everyone happy,
Even if you’re tired and in need of help.
It’s amazing, however worse the problem is,
You simply get through,
Coz you’re blessed,
With a unique power in you….!
-Reetain Raina (Jain Bazar)