inner voice


Smile,when feel like crying,
Solace to man who is dying;
Happiness is a way,
In thoughts and actions what you say.
Smile begets smile,
Rest when tired a while;
Selfless love makes life rich,
T o broken hearts it gives a stitch.
Through thick and thin together,
Thus easy will be life in every weather;
To cry over spilt milk is bad ,
Not to learn from experiences bad,is sad.
Ups and down are the ways of life,
Happiness and sorrows be taken in one stride,
Smiles retained in hard days,
To pass off troubles is the easiest way.
Kulbhushan Gupta




In the months of drought, she was a brisk rain.
Which drenched my fields, and washed my pains.
For eons and eternity, hadn’t seen the moon.
Her bright so divine, all things were at tune.
And then she giggles, and the Meadows are born.
With squirrels playing, birds chirping, a sight to adorn.
And in those Meadows she flew like a free sparrow.
With her wings spread apart, made the world sans sorrow.
I saw her fly, glide, laugh and dance.
But to drown in her eyes, never had a glance.
And I never dared to, never to set her unfree.
Watched her fly everyday, let it be, let it be.
Maybe years from now I’ll regret indecisions,
She was this close, my heart full of envisions.
For all her charms, seemed too good to be true,
But don’t ask me about her eyes, coz in that, i never looked into.
Jagandeep Singh


Scaring me!!


You are scaring me
Are you scaring me with a life?
I fought the giants
Are you scaring with miniature?
Disguised as a man
You are scaring me with a man.
Desert of loneliness fairy!
Are you scaring me with moonlight?
Seekers of my sight!
Are you scaring me with light?
You stand like a picture
Are you scaring in silence !
-Sadaket Malik