inner voice

Running through mist

Came across the path, there was light,
Glanced off my zone, eventually it failed my sight.
The path faded, of, the soundless mist
Perhaps for the journeys beyond, won’t be along
the paved paths and the directions drawn
Turned to the feet, they were reluctant to proceed
The mind knew the angst of the viens do it to be freed !
For, the storm’s gone and the agonising pack
Little he knew what he really can’t
Asking for a run, while preparing the jabs.
Healing from the souls, who live to pretend,
Just by more, he was failing to comprehend.
Perhaps the wisdom grew, paving the amends
Though for the fastest of the lights there are deflectors.
The mind off the darkness, marches through with the sceptre.
The sights’ clouded not the vision,
“Had enough” will never be the reason,
I’ll be taking the path, whoever may resist
Yes, I’ll be taking the run
I’ll be running through the mist
Hitesh Sharma
GCET Jammu



How I wish to trust
In life, no questions asked,
Hanging on God’s words,
Confident and relaxed,
Just like a child.
How I long for conscience
As mild as the breeze,
Having goodwill with others
And always at peace,
Just like a child.
How I long for courage
That laughs at fear,
Knowing I’d surely be caught
When tossed in the air,
Just like a child.
How I wish to take
Life’s journey with ease,
Jolly through thick and thin,
As cool as you please,
Just like a child.
How I need this grace,
So dear Lord, to you I come.
Help me to believe
And receive your kingdom,
Just like a child.
Nidhi Gupta
Sarwal Jammu

A bleak winter dawn

A bleak winter dawn
covered with gauze,
Dripping dew drops
brings everything to pause;
the sun hides
behind the clouds,
Cold wind flows
with grinding sounds;
Snow-clad hills have
turned to milky white,
Birds puff up their feathers
in the absence of sunlight;
Roads and vegetation,
Houses and lake,
All are frosted like
a Christmas cake;
Winter nights are longer
With crystal-clear sky,
Whilst Orion constellation
Appears like a bow-tie.
Tarandeep Singh
Singhpura Miran Sahib