inner voice

Optimism !!

Through the window , gazing at the moon
This bitter winter will end and flowers will again bloom
Nothing lasts forever, an intrinsic truth
Your anxious nerves will soon be soothed
If came the stressful times, delightful will absolutely come
Its just to assay , across the flood of traumas, how well you swim
You will surely get what you deserve
Till then please maintain that beautiful smile curve
Don’t worry dear , everyone is going through the same
Despite feeling perplexed, focus on your aim
Show some faith in yourself and trust your potentials
More than external, self motivation is essential
Keep one thing in mind that
Even when the moon looks like waning,
it actually never changes shape
Be like the Selene
that courageously gets through all the phases
and never searches an escape !!
Shiv Shakti Sunaina
Miran Sahib , Jammu



People are full of lies,
And so am I,
As I choose to live in a beautiful dilemma
Each time I lie.
I lie everytime I say I’m fine,
Coz no one really cares even if I’m lying.
There hides a lie in every it’s okay,
Coz no one tries to find what’s wrong
And what am I hiding.
There is a lie behind I don’t care,
Even when I know how much it hurts,
Or maybe I’m not lying,
Just choosing among the truths, Reetain Raina
That hides behind these words. (Jain Bazar)


Inaccessibility to God

Everybody speaks of O my God
But nobody catches his virtues of devotional chors
He is full of peace, purity, kindness and love
We are pivot of impurity , hate and cruelties hub
His service for creation is selfless and full of pardons
We are selfish, revengeful and sin of gardens
He is full of serenity, stability and contentment
We are always imbalanced and full of resentment
He is doer of all creation and resolver of worries
We hardly rearup one family and are carrier of wordly greeds in hurries
Everybody vows before Him for peace, prosperity and love
We being always hungry of greed , die in ego like a flying dove
He meets these blessed with virtues like Him
He retreats those who are unvirtuous and born of whim
Expectation of any relief from our children is a wrong belief
Only His mercy and grace can provide us a sigh of releif
Let us enlighten our souls blessed with all virtues of God
Through selfless service, selfsurrender
and pure love devotional chord
Dr D R Panhotra
Lower Shivnagar, Jammu