inner voice


Welcome New year

Closing another era of change and a memorable year,
Moving on to the endless possibilities awaiting near.
Reflecting again on the beginning of a new timeline,
Never a better time to be feeling like on cloud nine.
To count those blessings that came along my way,
To take a deep breath and appreciate life, night and day.
To say thank you for the fabulous friendly associations,
For times well spent and lessons learnt on occasions.
To take responsibility and make a difference where needed,
… reset, reenergize and reinvent the spirit tattered.
Cheers to the many positive vibrations and new horizon,
From the deserts of Antarctica to the forests of Amazon.
Wishing you, your family and friends across the globe,
A very blessed year with many possibilities and scope.
Happy New Year!
Dr Vikas Jamwal




Welcome to the New Year, there is a new atmosphere.
It will bring more compassion and it will bring more care.
There will be new beginning, there will be renewed hope.
All this are we going to hold with a very tight rope.
Things will be full of joy and humongous prosperity.
All will be treated equal and there will be no disparity.
The New Year will bring lot of excitement and fun.
The Happiness will come to fore and sadness will be on the run.
We pray to Almighty that he will bring Elation.
This New Year will bring Merriment and there will be huge moments of Celebration.
Sahildeep Singh Raina
Cluster University of Jammu

‘Celebrate with zeal’


‘Celebrate the new year with zeal’
So chilled the nights, so dark,
And the pets, my frenzy labardors bark,
Dinner is ready, I prepared with love,
Just come and eat like a tender dove,
Burger, pizza, cake, juice, no wine;
Give me little, my honey, rest is thine,
Be calm, eat with the mind steady,
O love, my bard, be mine, I’m ready,
Dazzling moon, twinkling stars, all shine,
And the cosmic world full of life, all mine,
Hear the Carols, people sing beautifully,
Following pause, intonation, rules, dutifully,
Love is in the air, just feel…
Celebrate the new year with zeal.
Alka Sharma
Rehari Colony.


New Hope”

Old year shed like the leaves of a tree.
No matter how bad it was, lift your eyes & see
The delight of a new angel who is coming to you.
Whose face is bright & whose eyes are blue.
Little stranger knows nothing about you.
The old one never told your stories to him.
As you were too lost in crowd like others.
He knew nothing about you & your whim.
But its an inception for you.
Its the time to become ‘MAN OF YOUR DREAMS’.
The old year is sleeping in his grave &
The new one knows nothing about you….! !
Abhishek Jandial
Panacea classes Udhampur