inner voice

Choice is yours


Either you complain for what you don’t have
Or you feel grateful for what you have

Either you just keep longing for a luxurious
life and doing nothing
Or you work hard every moment and feel
blessed that you are still breathing

Either you keep faith on the divine timing
or you imprecate every minute of your life
Either you smile even in your hard times
Or you keep on finding reasons to whimper
Either you become the master of your mind
Or you become slave to it

Either you spend whole life in satisfying your rapacity
Or you dedicate every bit of your life in
Fulfilling poor’s basic necessity
The choice is yours
Anjali Bhardwaj


Life is going clockwise, my thoughts moving anticlockwise
I move back and keep on realising the journey of my past was so nice
The past is all what I admire
Even if I am successful I still have the success desire
The footsteps of my beautiful past are fading and all
I see is next destination
I am thankful that I am able to write my soul’s
and my pen’s communication
Present moves so fast, past is one that never lasts
Future is the one which makes my mind blast
I wana sit on the Handclock and freeze the time
Without bothering about past, future and present
I wana sit, relax and rhyme
I wana stand and wait at the crossroad where all future,
past and present link up
First of all I would live my life after that what is future I will think up
Jassmeet singh
Adarsh Colony, Udhampur




Enjoy your life as you want,,,
Live it fully without flaunt.
Go outside and enjoy your day,,,
No matter what people say.
Spend your day with your love,,,
Fly everywhere freely like dove.
People react and say you so bad,,,
Take it easy because they are mad.
No one understands your nature,,,
You are God’s special creature.
So don’t take too much tension,,,
Live your life with good intention.
Just believe in God and do your best,,,
Relax your mind and take some rest.
Sofia Jangral
Bari Brahmana