inner voice


Teenagers, the most confused phase.
No one knows what’s hidden in our face.
Sometimes work like an adult, or sometimes like a child. Nobody knows what’s
going in our mind.
When we want to go, and have some chill. The world always thinks, Its the matter of pills.
But let me tell the world, we are the coolest.
As we know, how to
live the life to the fullest!
Kanishk Prashar
Presentation Convent Senior Secondary School


Failures go into making your success

Who are they
That desired the stars
And had them
The next moment.
Ask them who have risen,
Who have made a mark in life.
How hard have they worked
And failures suffered
Not once but, may be,
Many times over.
Ask them, how have
They turned their failures
Into their success.
Failures should not
Daunt you into quitting
But into making you better
Equipped every time you fail.
Strive harder and yet harder
Till you get your desired
Success, and get you must.
Surat Singh


When did that pencil turn into a pen ?
When did those streets turn into corridors ?
When did those thousand friends turn into strangers?
When did that brutally honest kid turn into a hypocrite?
When did that foodie turn into a diet conscious person?
When did that extrovert turn into introvert ?
When that early bird turn into night owl ?
When did those pretty smiles turn into tears ?
When did that carefree child turn into a responsible person?
Mannat Sabharwal