inner voice


The flowing brook
Gave me the chance to see
Myriads of spectrums
As if my dreams fullfilled
Without repentance.
Flower bowers,
Vibrant hue,
Roses bloomed,
Serenic view.
Delightful delicacies
And surprises
No matter the sun
Sets or rises
Are all these illusions?
Or you came?
Alka Sharma
Rehari Colony



Intrusive thoughts have taken an asylum inside ,
They come and they go like a pride.
Life’s turning into a series of cloak and dagger,
And I feel lack of communication acts like a bragger.
Rumination is leading to seclusion,
But I know darkness is not the conclusion.
Why the term like Mental illness is often disdained and hare-brained?
when the subject can actually be explained.
Mental health matters !!
Manisha Charak
Jammu University


Sometimes we fall and sometimes we stand
Sometimes we are happy sometimes we are sad
People around us change constantly
But some are the constants who find a way in worst nightmares
They are the family
Who accept you the way you are with no more changes,
No more touchups
Yes they are the family
The ties of purity
The deepest ocean of love
The trees of strength
When you need their help
They will go to any length
What wonderful blessings they are
From God above
They are the family
The ties of purity
Manya Sharma