inner voice

You Know

You know how loud she cries?
Nah… Probably its because
She never watered her tears,
She never voiced her fears,
She never breathed her sighs,
she never aired her flies,
She never weaponed her fights
She never intent to hide.
You know how loudly she cries??
Nah… Probably because
Every second she died,
with swords of words,
with peak of hurts,
with sand of bonds,
With lullaby of taunts,
With melody of bonds,
with salt of embalms.
You know how loudly she cries??
Nah… Probably because
You never made her smile
enough to stop crying…

Sunshine appears

Trying to touch
Her angelic charms,
Her flowery beauty,
When she smiles
Myriads of flowers bloom
Permeats the fragrance all around
And she’s watching the roses
Unfolding petals
To reveal the love hidden.
Alka Sharma
Rehari Colony


What is student’s life without a teacher?
When there is no discipline, a student becomes wild creature.
Teacher’s discipline brings a sense of relief.
When our confidence is down, there occurs a sense of belief.
A teacher is a mentor and she is a guide.
When she is with us, there cannot be any bumpy ride.
A teacher is big candle who always shines bright.
When darkness occurs big time, she gives her student light.
There is a sense of faith and hope.
When our morale is down our teacher holds it with tight rope.
A teacher fills all the empty voids that are there.
She is like another mother who gives us her full care.

Sahildeep Singh Raina
Cluster University of Jammu